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tko vape carts

TKO Carts For Sale

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$25.00 $30.00

Available Flavors Are:


Wedding Cake


OG Kush

Lime OG

Banana Kush


Platinum OG

Granddaddy Purple

Sour Diesel

Sour Tangie

Durban Poisson




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TKO Carts For Sale

TKO Carts for sale ,  TKO Extracts (teardrop logo with upside-down turtle) has been a well-known cartridge company that also does edibles. You’ll find them all over the country and I see them huge on the East Coast.  Furthermore, It looks like they did not apply for any licensing so are operating illegally in California (not to mention sending cannabis over state lines).

For testing, we have tested both TKO’s and there are some similarities and differences. Potency seems to be similar and both do pretty well on pesticides. Also, The difference is that the black market TKO Extracts does not test for full Cat III (Heavy metals, Mycotoxins, Mold, Water Activity, Bacteria, etc). Whereas the licensed TKO is legally forced to or it can’t be sold.

Nevertheless, I don’t know what the black market TKO Extracts does with their products that test dirty .(Thus,its either PASS or FAIL) but if the licensed TKO Products failed any test we would report that to the BCC. And the product would be destroyed or go through a lengthy remediation process.

However, I’ve even had an instance where a test for the black market TKO Extracts sample sent in tested for 53% THC delta 9…what else was in there is completely unknown to me. It definitely wasn’t MCT or typical diluent, the liquid was too viscous. Our fears are people are cutting it with thickening agent like glue. Whether this came from the manufacturer or a reseller we have no idea. But with no mandate to force these guys to test we will never know.

3 reviews for TKO Carts For Sale

  1. Kim

    The real TKO carts are only available in California. … explanation of why you shouldn’t buy them anywhere else except from

  2. Lyle

    just had fun time with this carts

  3. Rudolph

    so powerful, my favorite carts !!!!

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